About Us

ZESR 2019

The Zimbabwe Election Situation Room (ESR) was established to provide a coordinated mechanism for receiving and sharing election related information whilst ensuring that mechanisms to address election related malpractices and violations brought to its attention were addressed. The ZESR began its operations mid-June 2018 and allowed 41 organizations to input information pertaining various election related issues. The organisations in the ZESR includes women, legal, peace monitoring, human rights, disability, faith base, youths and media organisations.

Specific Objectives

  • To systematically coordinate information gathering, dissemination and documentation of electoral violations and malpractices by electoral stakeholders for evidence-based reporting that will support advocacy efforts to improve democratic processes in Zimbabwe

  • To encourage citizen participation in governance and democracy processes.

  • To strengthen collaborative efforts amongst CSOs, the election management body, the state and other and institutions supporting democracy.

  • To utilize a multi-sectoral approach for redress of violations and malpractice.

  • To increase evidence-based advocacy and engagement from issues identified through the Zimbabwe Situation Room.

our overall objective

A coordinated civil society that holds the government accountable on political, socio-economic issues through information sharing and dissemination.