Current Affairs

20th Jan 2019

The Journey to Rebuild Hope, Confidence and Stability Towards the Zimbabwe We Want

Our Concern As part of the Church in Zimbabwe, we are concerned with the turn of events during the shut-down protests which have been ongoing in […]
17th Jan 2019

As ZIMBABWE DESCENDS INTO UNREST Forum Calls for Peace, Dialogue, Attention to the Workers’ Plight and Respect for Fundamental Rights

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum notes with regret the events happening in Zimbabwe.  Following the announcement by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on 12 January 2019 of the […]
16th Jan 2019

ZLHR Condems Random Brutal on Residents

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights condemns the wanton and brutal attacks on some Harare residents by uniformed members of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) and Zimbabwe […]
15th Jan 2019

Shut Down Day 1

Introduction The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum on 14 January 2019 received reports of 79 human rights violations across the country during day 1 of the […]
15th Jan 2019

Heal Zimbabwe Statement on the current political and economic situation in Zimbabwe

Heal Zimbabwe notes with concern the economic crisis that has plunged the country into a wave of uncertainty and turmoil. It is Heal Zimbabwe’s view that […]
2nd Jan 2019

Health Sector needs Attention- WCoZ Statement

By Women Coalition Call for the Head of State and Government President Emmerson Dambudzo Munangagwa to address the health issue. Read and Download Statement here
19th Dec 2018

Zimbabwe’s Transitional stabilisation programme reforms agenda

“Towards a Prosperous & Empowered Upper Middle Income Society by 2030” October 2018 – December 2020 Download document here
19th Dec 2018

Commission of inquiry August 1st Post Election Violence Reports

The Commission of inquiry for August 1st Post Election Violence set up the President Mr Emerson Munangagwa released it report which was published on the 18th […]
22nd Oct 2018

NPRC crafts national healing framework

HARARE – The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) has crafted a framework giving it a guideline on how to deal with the Gukurahundi issue, including issues […]
22nd Oct 2018

Heal Zimbabwe Statement on the enactment of the NPRC Act

Heal Zimbabwe applauds President Mnangagwa for signing into law the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) Act on 05 January 2018. We welcome the move to […]