Elections 2018

23rd Jan 2019

Statement by the National Association of Societies of the Care of the Handicapped (NASCOH) on the recently-ended national disturbances

In addition to swelling the ranks of the estimated population of 2.4 million people with disabilities (PWDs) in the country (15% of the national population), we […]
20th Jan 2019

The Journey to Rebuild Hope, Confidence and Stability Towards the Zimbabwe We Want

Our Concern As part of the Church in Zimbabwe, we are concerned with the turn of events during the shut-down protests which have been ongoing in […]
6th Sep 2018

Long Term Observers’ Post-Election Report

Prior to the 2018 Harmonised election, ZESN released a number of statements and reports  informed by its Long Term Observers (LTOs) who had been deployed to […]
18th Aug 2018

A Church Plea for Peaceful Transition in Zimbabwe

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) through her Peace and Justice Commission (PJC) has been monitoring and observing the social, economic, political and spiritual environment before, […]
29th Jul 2018

Habakkuk Trust Key Observations For Week Ending 28 July 2018

Bulawayo Sealing of postal ballot boxes On the 28th of July 2018, Habakkuk Trust Observer Mission visited a number of polling stations and Command Centre in […]