Press Release

7th Aug 2018

Summary of Observer Missions’ Preliminary Statements

7 August 2018– This statement provided summaries of positive and negative observations submitted to ZEC by the various Observer missions that were accredited to observe the […]
3rd Aug 2018

Press Release Election Results

3 August 2018 The Election Situation Room is convened by the Zimbabwe Election Support Network. The Election Situation Room provides a platform for effective citizen monitoring […]
2nd Aug 2018

Urgent Call to Restore Peace and Order

1 August 2018 The Election Situation Room (ESR) calls for the promotion of peace and constitutional order in Zimbabwe during this post-election period. Political parties should […]
1st Aug 2018

ESR Calls for Calm and Peace as results of the election are announced

31 July 2018 The Election Situation Room (ESR) notes that the end of polling brings with it excitement, apprehension, expectations and fear as the people wait […]